Ultra Aliens Guitar

The show that has enchanted and conquered the public of nightclubs and showrooms

Alien guitarist Setun Shenar makes an interesting fusion between Rock and Techno, playing the most famous guitar riffs of all time, mixed with a modern and dancing electronic beat. The excitement increases with his tappings and improvisations to the highest and brightest note.

This is Commander Setun Shenar, the guitarist of the Ultra Aliens Band. His light axe transforms mechanical waves into electromagnetic ones, that is, sound into light. Thus creating a unique show of multicolored lights that follow his fingers, mesmerizing the Terran audience. This guitar is magical. With its advanced technology, combined with the skill of the guitarist Setun, it allows that for the first time on Earth, humans can see the musical notes with their own eyes. 
The solo show starts with the drumming of tribal drums, followed by stretches of ACDC, Stones, Guns And Roses, Dire Straits etc, until the peak with some Van Halen. So, before the audience breathes, Setun Shenar launches the Star Wars theme, and so on. Always with his guitar  radiating super bright lights with each new note. 

“When Dr. Mack Alien decided to start his own rock band, the first thing he did was to abduct guitarist Jimmy Paper, a member of the legendary metal band Lead Zapping, to help him find the best musicians of all time, under the threat of that if the rocker didn’t, Doctor Alien would never free him. However, as soon as Mr Paper finished his mission, Doctor Alien, breaking his promise, turned him into a hybrid, half human and half alien, to be the guitarist of his newly created Ultra Aliens Band”.


Los Angeles College Of Music guitarist and producer Beto Lefevre is the person who plays the alien Setun Shenar. In mid-2018, feeling the need to increase the show of the band Ultra Aliens, his project in partnership with Mack Alien,  had the idea of ​​putting visual effects in its live performances. Hence the idea of ​​the guitar that radiates lights when it is played. After all, we all know that extra-terrestrial beings usually communicate with us mainly through light. Then he started looking for a professional who could build the imagined instrument. Until he finally found  the brilliant English luthier Alan Parkes, who had already made 3 guitars very close to what he wished. She contacted him and told him about her interest in ordering the instrument. But there was a problem: Alan Parkes had never done export business to Brazil, the country where Beto Lef lives, and and he wasn’t really into it due to the complications. In addition, high import rates and transport risks made the business unfeasible. However, Lef really wanted that guitar, and Setun Shenar needed that instrument. So, the guitarist wrote to Alan Parkes saying: “…no problem, I’m going to London to get the guitar . The English luthier at first didn’t believe that a Brazilian guy would cross the world to personally buy one of his handmade guitar. But seeing the passion and stubbornness of the Brazilian musician who insisted on negotiating, Mr Parkes started to build the alien guitar for Setun Shenar. Long story short, in August of 2019 Beto Lefevre took a plane and went straight to London where he met Alan Parkes and finally got his magic guitar, the Spectrumaxe Number 4. The first  JEM Alien Guitar in the world! 
Alan delivering the guitar to Beto at the London hotel
Tears !

to book the show, get more information or just make contact, send a message to betolefevre@yahoo.com.br .